1. Real #carbs and #protein for supper, children!



  3. #nerdgasm #atthemall #adorable #totoro #Batman #shirt #instagram #IloveBatman #anime #miyazaki #instagood #instalike #followme #TagsForLikes #igers


  4. Superfood smoothie: Totally Green


  5. So… I’ve been trying to do nude yoga on my matt but looks like my batmatt has already been claimed.


  6. Catching up on our beauty sleep. Waiting for those star trek and doctor who ice trays to come in this week so we can start baking cookies!!!!


  7. Chubby is the new sexy.


  8. Happy Monday!


  9. The little shitter this morning. Guess who’s been on cleaning duty since 6 am today! #dog #shitsdiarrhea #cleanup #chihuahua


  10. You shouldn’t need to wait until Mother’s day or your birthday to kiss up to your mother. If it wasn’t for my mother, who sacrificed her dreams and goals to have me become a part of her life, left her family to live in a country all by herself to raise me, stayed up all day and night to make sure I didn’t fuck up my life by being a smart ass fucker, I wouldn’t be the strong, independent woman I am now. I miss you and love you, Mom. Oh yea, thanks Dad for getting Mom preggy to create an awesome me and awesome versions (aka siblings) like me. Fuck celebrating my birthday, it’s a special day for my mother. Sorry for saying fuck but it makes me sound like a badass adult. There’s more but I forgot so just look at the picture I drew of you trying on the winter jacket at sports authority. TEEHEE! #iloveyoumom #iloveyoudad #ilovemyawesomeversions @jocelyn_hung_ @doctordanger